UML Diagrams

During the first week of my CS 343 class we were learning about reading and writing uml diagrams. I found a article on lucid chart called UML Class Diagram Tutorial which was a big help. Its URL can be found below for anyone who is interested. It talked about hiw “Class diagrams are one of the most useful types of diagrams in UML as they clearly map out the structure of a particular system by modeling its classes, attributes, operations, and relationships between objects”. It also said how a class is made up of three block the top being for the name of the class. It also says how the middle is for attributes such as class variables. It also says how the bottom is for all the methods of the class. It also talks about the member access modifiers like how public is a “+” and private is a “-” and and static is underlined . It also talked about some I did not know about from class like how protected is “#” and package is “~” and derived is a “/” . It also talked about how to do Interfaces and Enumerations. It also had some good examples of them. Most of this though I already understood. What really helped me was the explanation of the different connections between classes and interfaces and such. It said how Inheritance is “the process of a child or sub-class taking on the functionality of a parent or super class, also known as generalization. It’s symbolized with a straight connected line with a closed arrowhead pointing towards the super class” and had an example. This connection I was not to bad with already though. What really helped me was the explanation of association and why only one side had a arrow on it sometimes which I had trouble with in class. The first type that was talked about was a Bidirectional association. They said this was “ The default relationship between two classes. Both classes are aware of each other and their relationship with the other. This association is represented by a straight line between two classes.” The second one they talked about was a Unidirectional association they said this was “a slightly less common relationship between two classes. One class is aware of the other and interacts with it. Unidirectional association is modeled with a straight connecting line that points an open arrowhead from the knowing class to the known class.”. I really learned a lot from this article and will continue to refer to it in the future if I need to be reminded about how to write a UML or how to read one.


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